High-quality hand hygiene products range between $8 and 10 per item. Reps should remind their customers of the cost to their practice if a staff member is out sick. Physicians typically want to know that they, their patients and staff are protected. Still, some providers wash their hands as a matter of habit and are not aware of the most current hand hygiene practices.


Distributor reps should begin by asking their customers an open-ended question, such as, “What are you doing to protect you, your patients and staff from such infections as MRSA or influenza?” Some follow-up questions may include:

  • “I see you are using these over-the-counter products. Do you realize they are not well-suited to your practice?”
  • “Do you think the germs you find at your practice are different than those at home?”

While anticipation of a heightened seasonal and swine flu season has led to increased demand for hand hygiene products, this very well may drop next spring, depending on how the flu season plays out. Reps should remind their customers that the need for practicing proper hand hygiene existed before swine flu appeared, and it will continue to exist after the threat of swine flu diminishes.


Investing in high-quality hand hygiene products is a small price for your customers to pay to protect their health and that of their patients.


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