Have auto lovers gone back to leases? From the latest Repertoire Windshield Time department:

Automotive leasing in the United States in 2010 represented nearly 19 percent of overall vehicle transactions, according to Polk. This represents a 5.8 percentage point increase over 2009 leasing penetration rates of just 13.1 percent during the economic crisis, as several OEMs were pulling away from leasing. Although leasing increased in all parts of the country in 2010, the growth was not uniformly distributed among regions. Penetration in the Great Lakes region, which was the country’s highest prior to 2007, was only slightly above the industry average in 2010 with 21.2 percent. Nevertheless, as domestic OEMs with a significant presence in the region came back to leasing, the Great Lakes region recorded the highest growth year-over-year among all regions at +9.2 points. In the Mideast states, lease penetration recorded the second highest year-over-year growth, and reached its highest level in more than six years at 31 percent. New England and the Western region of the country also achieved their highest levels in the past six years. Lease penetration in the Southwest region continued to be the country’s lowest, recording the slowest growth at only +1.7 points.


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