Looking for a new car that’s big on reliability? From this month’s Windshield Time:


Japanese automakers have historically been known for building some of the most reliable vehicles in the world. But Consumer Reports 2013 Annual Auto Reliability rankings show that automakers from Europe and the United States are also capable of building reliable vehicles. While, three Japanese brands – Lexus, Toyota and Acura – captured the top three spots in the survey, Audi, Volvo and GMC were included in the top 10 spots of this year’s survey, which was conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. Hybrids and electric cars continue to do well. The Toyota Prius, Lexus ES 300h, Toyota Prius C, and Honda CR-Z hybrids, as well as the Nissan Leaf electric car, were among the top models. The survey – believed to be the largest of its kind – bases its findings on CR subscribers’ experiences with 1.1 million vehicles. Consumer Reports uses the survey data to compile reliability histories on vehicles and predict how well new cars that are currently on sale will hold up.



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